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Historical background

Almost non-existent in the early twenties, commercial aviation then developped rapidly, as far as traffic and performances were concerned. A law was voted on 20 June 1933, enabling CCIs to create and manage airports. The Chamber of Commerce immediatly seized the opportunity to create an aerodrome near Dieppe, aware of the stakes involved in the areas of tourism and commerce.

The city of Dieppe then set about buying the necessary plot of land and entrusted it to the CCI on lease, which undertook to manage the aerodrome and to build the required facilities.

The aerodrome opened on 23 June 1934 As soon as it was put into service its traffic was considered, at the time, as quite heavy, with about 800 movements a year until the eve of the second world war during which it was closed and totally destroyed.

During the war the aerodrome was occupied by German troops who set up a fighter squadron there.It was in ruins when it was returned to the civilian authorities at the time of the Liberation. It was repaired by the CCI and re-opened in 1948.

New facilities were added to improve its possibilities (Air Route station in 1964, customs services).

In 1972 a runway (820m x 30m ), a traffic lane and a surfaced parking lot were built. The platform was equipped with night beacons and flashing lights. A control tower was also erected.

In 1995 a new hangar was built, replacing the former shed that had become dilapidated and dangerous. A new asphalted traffic lane was laid out around the fuel tanks. In 1996 the taxiway adjoining the flying club was asphalted, as well as the parking lot on the clubhouse side.

A major refit project of the tecnical equipment in the control tower in order to comply with current standards was launched at the end of 2005. In 2003, following a survey carried out by the technical department of the Head of North Civilian Aviation, the decision was made to replace the different equipments which had fallen into disrepair in the control tower and could not have been fixed in the case of breakdown. The installation of the new equipments began on 22 November 2004 A subsidy has been granted by the Conseil Général de la Seine-Maritime.

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